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Best Quality Snorkel Set for Children, Review of Cressi Kid Snorkeling Kit, Room to Grow!

My husband and I are avid divers and know the benefits of quality gear, so we wanted our daughter to have good snorkel equipment too. When she turned three-years-old, we knew she was ready to explore the water like Mom and Dad. We live in Hawaii after all, and find ourselves in the ocean year-round.

She's just started to feel comfortable playing in the water (ie: splashing in the surf and wading in shallow water). But splashing in waves is a much different experience than submerging your head and breathing through a plastic pipe.

I'm an Avid Diver, I Want My Child to Have Good Gear

As I said, my husband and I are often in the water, and we believe that good gear makes all the difference. I've seen those cheap dollar store snorkel sets, and I wasn't about to let my girl have a crapy experience snorkeling.

If water were to enter her mask, or she were to breathe in a load of salty sea, I knew it could leave her with more than a bad taste in her mouth - she might hate snorkeling altogether, and I wasn't having any of that.

That's why I searched around for an amazing snorkel set for her. One that would ensure comfort, functionality, and longevity.

Good Quality Doesn't Always Mean "Most Expensive"

Of course, cost always factors into everything I buy. But as long as I'm getting quality products that actually work well, I don't mind spending a few extra dollars, especially for my little girl.

After a ton of research, I settled on the Cressi Rocks Kids Snorkeling Set that included a mask, snorkel and fins. The bottom line: this set is awesome, and I definitely recommend it to parents of children who spend a lot of time in the water.

Quality is Top Notch: Cressi Kids Snorkeling Set

When I first received the snorkeling set in the mail, I opened it up to find a high-quality product... let's just say I was very pleased.

The plastic material on both the fins and the mask felt rubbery, as though it would produce a good seal against the skin. My daughter has had several versions of cheap snorkel gear made for kids. These products are terrible, and don't fit snuggly against any face, let alone a tiny child like my daughter.

The Cressi Kids Mask strap was also stretchy so that it could be tightened and then easily pull over my daughter's head and hair. The strap mechanism for tightening was also secure and easy to use.

Best of all, the mask was tempered glass... tempered glass! (cue cheering In a child's snorkel

set no less. That's some serious quality.

Note ** I recommend on any new mask purchase (child or adult) to always rub the glass with a light abrasive scrub such as toothpaste. New masks often fog easily in the water from the manufacturing residue on the glass. Rub with abrasive scrub on inside and outside of mask for several minutes then clean with fresh water.

The fins on the Cressi Kids Snorkel Set were also awesome - light yet well made, flexible yet sturdy. I would definitely recommend a child wear water shoes with them though, but I always recommend water shoes when snorkeling.

I am absolutely not a fan of fins that slip directly over feet. There are too many dangers in the water, from sharp shells and rocks to creatures that live in the sand... so in our family we always cover up in the water.

Lots of Room for My Child to Grow

The S/M set fits children aged 3 - 8/10, so when I first ordered it I was admittedly worried about the mask fitting my daughter's tiny 3-year-old face.

But I was pleasantly surprised to find that, although a little big, the mask created a seal around her forehead, cheeks, and nose, which prevented water from seeping in.

The snorkel's mouth piece was also a little large, but she could put it in her mouth all the same. We put her in water shoes before securing the fins to her feet, and they worked much better that way.

The whole experience was a little awkward for her at first, but after a few tries (and some demonstrations from mommy and daddy), she figured it out. I was relieved. And now, she has TONS of room to grow into the equipment.

Our daughter will definitely get use out of this equipment for years to come. She is three now, and will likely be wearing this set in the water until she's at least eight years old or more. And good products can make all the difference!

Cressi is an Excellent Dive Brand

Cressi is an amazing brand in the dive world - a brand used by many adults, even myself.

Cressi is an Italian brand that produces professional, quality water adventure products that are largely manufactured at its headquarters building in Genova, Italy. They've been making dive products for more than 70 years, so they know what they're doing (and do it well).

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